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BELANTIS Adventure Package

Enjoy a relaxed family trip with two days of leisure fun at BELANTIS AdventureKingdom and stay overnight in one of our partner hotels.

Our partner hotels are located in the surroundings of the park and are also ideal for exploring Leipzig's city centre and the Leipzig Neuseenland.

Your travel documents including the tickets for the BELANTIS AdventureKingdom will be sent to you by e-mail immediately after the complete payment of your booking and you can print them out yourself at home.


Please note


Please inform yourself, before your arrival or booking, on the websites of the respective hotels about the measures, e.g. expiry of breakfast or any closed facilities that have been affected in your booked / requested hotel due to the corona pandemic. Due to the very dynamic situation, we cannot provide detailed information here. In this case, complaints about possibly closed facilities or changed services will not be recognized.

During the booking process you can specify your desired visiting days. You select the first day in the park, the second day of visit then automatically is the following day. A further reservation is not necessary.


The arrangement includes

  • ► Accommodation/s in the booked room category
  • ► rich breakfast

  • ► 1 day ticket for the BELANTIS AdventureKingdom

  • ► 2nd day free at BELANTIS AdventureKingdom (only valid the following day)

  • ► If your booking includes a Halloween day, the evening program is also included


► from 57,50 € per person
depending on booked hotel and selected travel date


Guest tax of the city of Leipzig


The guest tax is 3,00 Euro per person and day of stay. Arrival and departure day are calculated as one day. The guest tax is not included in the travel price and has to be paid in the accommodation on the last day of the stay, usually on departure.


The guest tax does not apply to the following persons:

  • ► children and young people under the age of 18

  • ► Pupils, students and trainees from 18 to 25 years of age

  • ► Severely disabled persons as defined in the Social Security Code (SGB) IX

  • ► Accompanying persons of severely disabled persons, if the necessity of the accompaniment is proven by an official medical certificate, severely disabled person's identity card or pension certificate

  • ► Sick persons who cannot leave their accommodation. The duration of the inability has to be proven by presenting corresponding a medical certificate.